What's hot + what's not

Time for another round of What’s Hot + What’s Not.



* Little Gems. Organic chocolate drops in pretty pastel colours. Bonus is the pretty box.
I would have taken a photo of the gems themselves except they’ve all been eaten. Oops. Maybe next time.


* Palazzo biscuits from Aldi. Scrumptious butter cookies covered in dark chocolate.
These are seriously good, our current fav amongst chocolate biccies. And they have pictures of various architecturally famous buildings on them. On this biscuit is St. Marks Square in Venice (or so I am told). Which is upside down in this photo whoops. (Upside down, Miss Jane!)

* Thursday night means “Costa’s Garden Odyssey!” Tonight he visits the community garden in Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains. Plus there are VIKINGS! So excited.

Not Hot.

* Email spam and adverts all over web sites. I especially dislike the animated ads and the ones that have videos that suddenly pop out over what you’re reading. V. annoying.

* It’s stopped raining. It is getting closer to the hot summer weather. Not good. I want winter back again.

* Viruses. Hubby is not feeling well today and might be coming down with a cold or flu. Begone, bad cold – leave my husband alone!