What's On Your Table – Tuesday.

Joining in with the lovely Joyce’s What’s On Your Table. On my table today is a lovely cup of Genmaicha and a bundle of papery things for Pip’s Envelope Project. I’m a bit behind on that one, fortunately I still have time to send something in. Will be making an envelope out of an old magazine page later tonight. I used to make a lot of envelopes and stationary bits when I had pen friends. One of the pieces of paper in the above bundle was made with my own fair hands. I really should get out my mold & deckle and make some more paper. Anyhoo, the photo is a bit blurry because the steam from my tea fogged up the camera lens – tea fog!

As I type this I am listening to my favourite singer – Cliff Richard. Currently playing is “Wired For Sound’. Do you remember the song and video clip from the 80s? Cliff on roller skates with lots of dancers, also on roller skates. All in funky disco-like dress. Every time I listen to the song or watch the clip, I want to find a pair of roller skates, grab my walkman and go skating around singing along with Cliff at the top of my voice. That would be so much fun! There is an intro on the clip below, but it’s short and then you can watch this classic, Cliff video clip: