Sifting; better when making biscuits

This week saw yet another problem with the house. Some history: First we had the oven fan breaking down and almost a week with no oven. Next the water heater failed so no hot showers for about a week. The latest problem was a plumbing blockage, meaning problems with the loos! Good grief Charlie Brown, what next?! Hopefully nothing else will break or otherwise fail, touch wood *touches own head*.

Fortunately the plumbing problem was dealt with in under 48 hours. A week without toilets would be…very bad. I know many like to be close to nature and all that, but I like my modern amenities! No squatting au natural here, thankyouverymuch! I had no idea that the old style electric eels are rarely used now. The plumbers had a new fangled jet hose which blasted its way down the drains. At one point the water erupted on the other side of the garden, causing the short appearance of Mt. Smelly Water. The air was quite fragrant, to put it delicately. Ah well, all’s well that ends well.

Today I have been carefully sifting through the policies of the major political parties, deciding where to cast my vote. By the end of it, my brain was melting from reading so much political guff, but at least I have decided who to vote for.

This morning, the Husbitect and I were discussing where to vote, and he very wisely suggested that we decide by considering which school would sell the best sausage sandwiches. A winner!

The photo above was taken by me when my Husbitect was making his delicious, Pfeffernüsse biscuits with top secret ingredients. Nom! Speaking of food, I thought I would share a few links to some delicious recipes that I have come across lately. Enjoy!